Top 10 Items to Put in Commercial Storage

August 7, 2018 Commercial Storage

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Here at Storage 4U in San Antonio, we offer many different sized commercial storage units. We can store personal items from your home or business, cars, RV’s, and boats! Our storage units can give you more space in your office or home. Here is a list of the top 10 items to put in our commercial storage units:

Furniture: whether it’s for your home or office, furniture can take up a lot of space especially when you are not using it. Storing furniture is an option when you are moving to a smaller location, selling a property, trying to get rid of unnecessary clutter or make more room for business or family.

Electronics: electronic pieces can be valuable and if you are moving or need more space, storing them is the best option.

Appliances: if you are not using appliances at the time and they are just taking up too much space, it is best to store them. Microwaves, ovens, fridges, stoves, washers, and dryers can be properly stored and kept safe when you need to use them again.

Files: this can include documents and archives. Many businesses and homeowners must hold on to files but could use the space for other things. Placing them in a storage unit allows for accessibility and safety of any documents.

Antiques: they can be precious to a business owner, but not something that they need every day. People on the move may need somewhere to put their antiques and memorabilia until they move to a bigger office or get more space.

Vehicles: Many businesses have company cars that they use for meeting and driving to conferences. There are many months that these cars might not be used, and storing them in a lot is the perfect way to keep them out of the way.

Seasonal Items: Holidays only come once throughout the year, and decorations can take up space in your office or home. When the season or holiday is over, place the decorations in a storage unit to save space.

Photographs: photographs hold memories and are keepsakes. Along with files and business antiques, these photographs and archives can be stored when they do not need to be used.

Books: Textbooks and manuals can vary in size and these books can be large and heavy. When you are done reading, store them in a unit to save room on the bookshelf for new reads.

Media: along with books are DVD’s, videotapes, and CD’s. These materials can be stored in a unit until they are needed for training or if they are asked for. Things that aren’t used on a day to day basis don’t need to be in the office.

If you are looking for a commercial storage unit in San Antonio, give Storage 4U a call! We provide 24/7 access to your unit so that no matter the time or day it is accessible to you! For our current promotions and specials, visit our website ( or give us a call at

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