Tips for Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

April 9, 2018 Storage Unit

The decision to use a self-storage unit is a great one that comes with numerous benefits. Once you’ve moved all your extra items into a storage unit, it is essential to make sure everything is organized to ensure that your self-storage experience is easy and stress-free. We have put together a list of tips for organizing your self-storage unit:


  1. Plan ahead – Making an outline of what boxes will go where inside your storage unit before you get started will allow you to access them when you need to get things out quickly. A way to do this is to list the content of each box and make a diagram of their placement.
  2. Pallet the ground – To prevent rats, silverfish and ants from making a home underneath your boxes, you will need to arrange raised pallets on the ground. It is also important to thoroughly clean the storage unit before putting anything in it.
  3. Use shelves for storage – If there aren’t shelves available, we suggest that you get some for storing small items or things you would like to keep handy.
  4. Avoid mildew – To avoid mildew, mold and other types of water damage don’t put in any wet items.
  5. Store smart
  • Storing smart means making sure you store items safely and correctly. For example: Store mirrors and frames standing up, never flat.
  • When stacking boxes, put heavy items on the bottom and light or odd-shaped items on the top.
  • Avoid placing heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture – cover your furniture with a blanket or sheet
  1. Save space – Create more space in your storage unit by using empty areas of big furniture. For example, if you’re storing a dresser, use the drawers to store small items.
  2. Maintain accessibility – Stack and arrange boxes in ways that can be easily accessed. Make a walk-way for you to obtain a box without having to move anything out of the way.
  3. Dismantle furniture to save space – When storing things like tables, remove the legs if possible and lean the tabletop sideways. Keep the extra legs together and put the screws or bolts into a plastic bag then and tape it to the bottom of the table.
  4. Keep important things in the front – Avoid having to dig through things to find something important by placing boxes with the things that you’ll most frequently need at the front part of a storage unit.
  5. Avoid nasty situations – By using items such as moisture absorbers, mothballs and rat bait in key areas you can avoid critters mildew from your storage unit.


Packing smart and organizing your self-storage unit allows you to avoid clutter, damage to your items and save time. Storage 4 U offers self-storage in San Antonio, Texas to assist you with all your storage needs. We strive to help make your experience with us as stress-free as possible. Give us a call at 210-904-8177 or visit our website for more information on self-storage units in San Antonio.

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