Time to Decorate the Office! Tips for Pulling Items out of Commercial Storage

November 12, 2018 Commercial Storage

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It is the holiday season and that means that the decorations get put up! In an office space, where you usually do not have much room for storage, most businesses turn to commercial storage. Using a commercial storage unit is cost and space effective. At Storage4U in San Antonio, we offer the best deals on commercial storage units and we have a variety of sizes! When it is time to get those decorations out of the boxes, here is some tips on how to pull items out of commercial storage:

Keep all your boxes labeled:

This is one of the most important organizational tips, it will save you a lot of time and stress. When you label all your boxes, it is easy to navigate and choose the right ones to unpack. Avoid the hassle of going through every box and seeing which one contains the decorations for the specific holiday.

Stack and organize boxes efficiently:

When you rent a commercial storage unit, choose the right size for you and place the boxes in there properly. You can place the ones you know you need access too soon towards the front. The rest can be placed in the back knowing you will only need them a couple times during the year.

Wrap what you can:

If you know that you will be packing away delicate, wrap them it so they cannot be easily broken. Especially with decorations, those are usually delicate so wrap them up neatly and tightly to avoid any damage.

Stay safe:

When you are pulling items and boxes out of the storage unit, be aware of your surroundings and the way the boxes are stacked inside. Avoid putting heavy items or boxes towards the top because you do not want to be crushed!

If you are interested in inexpensive commercial storage units, go to Storage4U in San Antonio. We offer the most affordable storage units in San Antonio! We have units available in several different sizes and at great rates. Visit our website to learn more and rent yours today!

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