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November 24, 2017 Storage Unit

Change is a constant in our lives, and sometimes our space can’t keep up with the change that is happening, or we need a temporary place to put things while we adjust to life changes. These units are a great, affordable way to hold onto our possessions while we prepare for life changes and adjust. Here are a few reasons why you might be using these storage units in San Antonio.

You are a Member of the Military

Here in San Antonio, we are proud to serve those who serve our country. With multiple military bases in the region and ongoing training, military personnel are a welcome sight to our beautiful, proud city with a long history of support to our armed forces. Deployments and moves are a part of military life. These units are a great way to store your possessions while you are on deployment, or if you are just arriving and have not secured housing just yet. If you are here for a few months of training, why not store your items while you wait to find out your next move? You can save money by putting your stuff in storage and taking the time to find housing that fits your budget.

You are Retired

You worked hard and you earned everything you have. However, now that the children are grown and on their own, you realize that you don’t need quite so much house or yard work. When you have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of possessions, it takes time to figure out where each item should go. When you use storage, you give yourself lots of time to organize, sort, and purge without having to stick to a deadline. In this way, you can proceed with your next move confidently without any barriers.

You are Downsizing

You are creative and you are trying to save money. Maybe you are staying with family or friends. Maybe you are living in a tiny house, a yurt, a trailer, or some other inexpensive living situation. You know your end goal is to save money and achieve financial freedom. You’ve calculated the numbers and you know that storage costs a lot less than what you would be paying if you were living in more traditional housing or paying rent or a mortgage. People might worry about you and hope that you are okay, but you know that you are doing the right thing by saving money and achieving financial independence, so that you can live life on your own terms. Storage can help you achieve your goals. Contact Storage 4 U to find out how.

You Like to Travel

Maybe you have a boat that you use for fishing on the weekends. You have been storing it at your parent’s house, but they need the space for their new RV. You’re still saving up for that waterfront property along the Guadelupe River, but for now you need to find a place to keep your boat. Or maybe you have that strong desire to explore the rest of the country by RV or a retrofitted school bus. Your homeowner’s association doesn’t allow parking either RVs or refurbished school buses at your house, so it’s time to find a place to store it so you can hit the open road when you finally have everything ready to go. Or maybe you have that convertible that you use to wander the wide Texas highways when you just need to get out there and have some time to think. Storages give you that freedom to wander whenever the mood strikes.

You Don’t Have a Garage

There are a lot of reasons why you might not have a garage. Maybe you live in an apartment or townhome. Maybe you bought an older home without a garage. Don’t let the lack of a garage keep you from being able to store your stuff. Just rent a storage instead.

You are a Collector

You like to collect treasures. For some people, it’s a large stamp collection. For others, it might be gold coins or antique coins. Some people like to collect dolls or teddy bears. Maybe you keep and trade baseball cards or comic books. Or maybe you have inherited antique furniture, and collected more along the way. Either way, you know the value of your collection, and a storage unit helps it to stay safe.

You Run a Business

Do you scour thrift stores for brand name clothing and resell them on Ebay? Or do you make something and sell it on Etsy, but find your craft business overflowing into every room of the house? Are you an online reseller and need more space for all your items, including packaging materials, or are you about to open up a shop or restaurant, but you need somewhere to store all your inventory somewhere safe first? Storage units help keep your business going and are an affordable way to store more inventory safely.
There are many reasons why people choose these units. San Antonio Storage 4 U has over 1,600 personal storages in three different locations to serve you. We also have storage garages for cars, RVs, and boats. Give us a call today at 210-714-2459 to see which storage would be best for your needs.

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