5 Easy Steps for Moving Items to a Storage Unit: Commercial or Self

May 20, 2018 Commercial Storage

Moving items into a storage unit can feel like a balancing act. You’ve got packing and organizing your items on the one hand, and the process of getting the boxes to the storage facility on the other. Moving things into a commercial storage or self-storage unit can be difficult enough without the added stress of trying to figure out how to move all your items to the storage unit. Everything has to come together just right, or you could potentially run into some significant issues. By following these five simple steps, you can reduce the stress of moving and enjoy a more relaxed move, free from the ordinary headaches.


  1. Choose the best location and unit size. When choosing a location of the storage facility, it is essential to pick one that is within a comfortable drive from your home or business. You should make sure you know exactly what will be stored ahead of time, as well so that you know the minimum size of the storage unit you will need.
  2. Plan how you’ll move your things to the storage facility and what you’ll use to pack them. Do you plan on renting a truck or a van or taking your things there in your vehicle? This is something to figure out before the moving day arrives. You will also need to check to make sure you have enough packing materials to store your items in when transporting them to the facility. You can use boxes you already have or buy additional ones.
  3. Label all your boxes with a permanent marker. Labeling your boxes will eliminate any confusion that may arise when you come back to get any of your things. Doing this ensures that you will be able to find what you need quickly and easily.
  4. Load your items correctly for easy transport. If you are planning on taking any large pieces, you should consider taking them apart, so they will be easier to transport and fit into the storage unit. Box all other smaller items, so they don’t get misplaced during the move. Set aside all breakable pieces and wrap them in newspaper or cloth and keep them towards the top of the boxes, on top of heavier items to make sure they stay in one piece. When loading your things, you should pack your largest items into your vehicle first. Once you’ve loaded them, make sure to secure any substantial belongings so that they don’t move around during transport.
  5. Smartly pack all your items into your storage unit. Once you’ve gotten to the storage unit, make sure you don’t stack heavy boxes on top of lighter boxes to avoid crushing. When packing your items and boxes into the storage unit make sure to leave an aisle to walk through. Doing this ensures that you can get to the back of your unit if you need to get something out in the future. After everything is packed into the unit, place a sheet over your items to keep them in good shape while they’re in storage.


Following these five steps will ensure that the process of moving your things into a storage unit will go smoothly and efficiently. It is always smart to have a plan! If you’re looking for storage units in San Antonio, Storage 4 U is the perfect place for you! We offer affordable units that vary in sizes and are available for access 24/7.

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