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For reliable self storage in San Antonio, contact family owned and operated Storage 4U!

For 25 years, we have been providing San Antonio with clean and secure self storage. At each of our storage facilities, we have small, medium and large-sized storage units to meet all of your needs. When you run out of room in your home or office, you don’t have to part with the items you want, need or love. Our storage units offer drive up access to make dropping off and pick up items easy and convenient. When you rent a storage unit with Storage 4U, it’s accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If you need additional storage space, our storage units are the perfect solution. Our units come in many sizes and we even have storage parking spaces for all types of vehicles! Some of the popular uses for self storage in San Antonio include:

  • Business Inventory or Supplies
  • Extra Space in your home
  • Moving and need a place to store your belongings
  • Summer vacations
  • Winter vacations
  • College Students
  • Music Equipment

Self-Storage Key Features:

  • Friendly Staff
  • 24- Hour Accessible Storage
  • Drive-up access
  • Ground level access
  • Online payments
  • Short and long-term rentals
  • Low-cost insurance is available

Self Storage FAQs

Why You Need a Self-Storage Unit?

Self-storage units can be of use to people for many reasons, from having a safe place to store valuable goods to decluttering and making more room in their living space. A self-storage unit could be useful to someone in many situations.

What are benefits of using Self-Storage Units?

  • For Downsizing
  • Seasonal Storage
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Organizational & Timeline Management
  • New Familial Additions
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Business Purposes
  • Risk Reduction

How to Plan Your Self-Storage Move?

  • Plan Ahead – before your move you should plan out everything you will be storing and everything you will need to pack all those things such as sturdy boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, sealing tape, marker pens, furniture covers, etc.
  • While you pack you should keep these things in mind – clean all your appliances before packing them, use bubble wrap on anything breakable and seal & label your boxes.
  • Before you start packing the boxes in the storage unit keep in mind the things that you might need access too and place them towards the front of the unit for easy accessibility.

How secure are the self storage units?

All of our storage units offer easy and secure access.  We offer 24/7 drive up access.  Customers also have the option to purchase a low-cost insurance plan.

What Size Unit Can I Rent? / How do I know how much space I need?

Storage 4 U offers storage units in various sizes ranging from the smallest that is 12’X15′; to the largest that is 14’X45′. To find out how much space you will need you should first decide what exactly you will need to store, after you decide that it is important that you visit the storage units in person to decide what size will fit your items best.

How much does self storage unit cost?

There are many storage spaces available in a number of different sizes and at different rates. The price of each storage unit varies depending on the size. To check out more about the cost visit

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