7 Tips to Know Before Putting Your Valuables in Storage

May 6, 2018 Self-Storage

Before moving all your items into a storage unit, you first If you’re planning on packing all your things up yourself, you should consider taking essential steps to make sure all your items get packed correctly and that nothing gets damaged. Taking a little extra time to package your valuables correctly will help ensure that those items remain in perfect condition and save you a lot of headaches when the time comes to unpack those boxes. Here are seven key tips to keep in mind before putting your valuables in storage:

  1. Create an Inventory – Creating an inventory doesn’t mean you have to document every single item that is placed in storage but making notes or taking pictures of your more valuable and meaningful possessions can be a big help, just in case anything goes wrong.
  2. Get Rental Insurance – If you are planning on storing any valuable items, it is highly recommended to look into an insurance plan, again just in case something was to happen. Most storage companies either come with rental insurance or offer a plan to purchase it when signing up.
  3. Invest in the Right Boxes – There are special boxes that contain padding, specifically for things like your flat screen TV. Spending the extra money on a box might seem like a waste of money at the time, but it is a lot cheaper than having to pay $1,000 for a new television. There are specialty boxes for all sorts of items, not just TV’s.
  4. Lay Dishes Side-by-Side – Packing dishes side-by-side with several layers of paper makes them less likely to shatter if something bumps the edge.
  5. Tape Paintings – If you’re planning on storing any paintings, we recommend putting a big X with masking or painter’s tape on anything under glass. Taping the painting helps keep the glass on the painting from shattering.
  6. Box It Up Right – You should keep this in mind with any box, but especially ones containing fragile things. A way to ensure everything is boxed up correctly is to gently shake the box as you pack to make sure the contents inside of the box don’t move. If you can feel that things are moving inside, add more padding and make sure the box is filled so that the top doesn’t cave in. You should also avoid just folding over the box tops and tape them instead.
  7. Label Every box – Make sure to mark each box with things like “fragile” or “this end up” as a reminder to be especially careful during the packing and moving process.


Don’t let the stress of moving and storage get to you! Pack smart and make a plan to help prevent any damage or misplaced items. If you are looking for storage units in San Antonio, Storage 4U would love to help you! We offer affordable storage units, insurance plans that work with your budget, and boxes and locks for purchase to help make your moving process easier! Storage 4U provides quality services for all your storage needs. Give us a call today at (210) 904-8177 or visit our website to rent a storage unit today!


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