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September 4, 2018 Commercial Storage

Moving is never easy- whether it be moving to a new office space or a new home, it can difficult finding commercial and self-storage. More often than not some items and belonging have to go into storage units until you are ready to use them again. It can be stressful! having to pack up boxes, making sure everything is packed together, labeled correctly, transported to the right place, and then making sure to have it accessible for when you need it!  Without a guide or experience in packing and moving, it can become frustrating long after the move as well.

Here at Storage 4U- San Antonio’s leading self and commercial storage unit providers, we wanted to come up with some tips to help with moving and storing. When packing up boxes and shipping them to a storage facility- keep these five easy steps in mind!


Self Storage San Antonio

It’s pretty simple to remember, right? Location, Plan, Label, Load, and Pack! #1 Pick a location that is convenient to your new home or office. #2 Plan what will be packed together and which boxes will go first, last, etc. #3 label you boxes with everything they contain- this way you will be able to easily find and locate the items that you need, versus searching every box until it comes up. It’s all smart to label where each box will go, (new house, kitchen, storage unit) then instruct movers or friends on where to put them. #4 Ensure that items are loaded into the car, truck, or storage unit correctly. Be careful when handling fragile items and make sure you stick to the original plan you created. Then #5 pack everything in the storage unit- make sure those things you need to access more frequently are at the front- while seldom accessed items are at the back. This way you won’t have to move everything in the unit around just to get one thing!

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