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When moving large belongings, there are many important tips to keep in mind to keep them undamaged during transport and drop off. The first step is to choose the right storage boxes. Packing your things in the correctly sized box will protect them from damage and from the weather. If you are storing irregularly shaped objects, they should be adequately cushioned. These objects can easily punch a hole in a box, damaging it to the point of collapse, or exposing part of your item to other damage.

When storing large pieces of furniture, disassembly is ideal for conserving space. It also makes the furniture easier to protect with covers like blankets, towels, or plastic sheets. Mattresses also need to be wrapped in paper or cloth to prevent moisture from accumulating.
Foam or bubble wrap can be used to protect smaller items like pictures, mirrors, old CDs and albums, crystal and china, and glassware. Wardrobe boxes can be used to store clothing, curtains, and drapes.


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It is also important to remember to label your moving boxes to know what exactly is inside each box. Having to search through each box to find your valuables takes time and energy; both of these things are precious resources when you’re moving. Appliances should be taped shut and adorned with the proper packing material to prevent damage during transport. Additionally, oil can prevent mildew from forming.
Be sure not to store combustibles or perishables that can go bad. If you plan on moving, notify your postal service of a change of address, as well as your bank and any other mailings to your old address.

packing tips for storage
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