Off to College: Tips to Storing Old Belongings

September 7, 2018 Storage Unit

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Are you a student ready to head off to college? Have you started packing up your items? It is time to go through your things and decide what to bring with you. Maybe you have old items stuffed in the back of your closet that you did not even know where there. Either you let go of items or store them away while you’re gone. If you have old belongings that you cannot let go and are sentimental to you, here are some tips on how to store them:

  • Give sentimental objects to friends: this is a win-win situation because you end up with more spaces and you save your friends’ money on stuff they were going to buy anyways. Examples of objects are band t-shirts, artwork, furniture, and baby clothes are just a few examples of sentimental items that are given new life.
  • Prioritize items: This can happen when you are going through your room and deciding what to bring, throw away, donate, or store. Instead of shoving everything into a box, determine what items are important to you and put them away correctly.
  • Pack Efficiently: If you already have a group of items that you know are being stored away, organize them and pack the things you need access to on top. In the future, you may need some of the valuables you decide to box up, so it is essential to organize and pack away all of your items easiest for your access.
  • Let Storage4U store the things you love, but do not need right now: Storage4U is in San Antonio and are the number one storage facility. With affordable prices and a variety of sizes of storage space, this is the perfect place to keep your belongings. You are guaranteed to find the perfect sized unit for your valuables. The storage units include electronic gate access, ground level access, drive-up access, and low-cost insurance.

When you are heading off to college and are interested in keeping your valuables in a storage unit, call Storage4U at (210) 904-8177 today!

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