End of Quarter Storing Tips

September 21, 2018 Commercial Storage

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The end of the quarter for a business can be an exciting time! It means the end of some projects, beginning of new ones, and for some companies it can mean a fresh start and a clean slate! With that clean slate- you ought to have a clean office as well. That’s where commercial storage comes in! A commercial storage unit can be the perfect place to store any documents, supplies, or items that you needed in one quarter- and have decided to do without in the next. Here are some tips on storing items when it is towards the end of the quarter:

  • If you know it is going to be put away in storage, have the items cleaned and ready to use when the time comes.
  • Pick a facility close to where your office is. Something that is centrally located to you makes it easy to stop by and pick up any items you might need.
  • When you pack things up, keep similar items together, so you will know where they are. Make sure all documents are together, all supplies, and etc. By packing like items together they will be easier to find.
  • Label boxes and bags, so it is easier to find items. There is nothing worse then being in your storage unit rummaging through boxes trying to fin what you need. This also makes it easier for any company runners to find items as well.
  • Pick and choose items to keep with you or store away. Take the time to go through your things to pick out what you use daily and what you need to store away for a different time. This also means thinking about what shouldn’t be in a storage unit. Did you order a huge bag of chips at cost? Store them somewhere in the office as perishables aren’t typically meant for storage units.

At Storage4U in San Antonio, we offer spacious commercial units to fit all your needs. We offer a variety of sizes depending on the number of items you want to store away. We are the number one storage solution in San Antonio because of our affordable prices and clean and spacious commercial units! So, do  a little quarter clean of the office and don’t worry about where to store as Storage4U is here to help! If you are interested in renting one of our commercial storage units, contact us today and visit our website.

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