Decoration Time: Tips to Unpacking Your Storage

October 24, 2018 Storage Unit

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It is time to bring out those Halloween decorations because the holiday is just around the corner! Once you have stored all of the decorations in a storage unit, there are some tips and tricks to unpacking all of those decorations. Here are some tips to consider when you are unpacking the storage unit and the decoration boxes:

  • Pack large items at the back of the unit, and smaller items and boxes towards the front of the unit. That makes it easier to move in the storage unit.
  • Do not place boxes or items that can fall forward too close to the storage unit door. That can make it more difficult to enter the storage unit.
  • Make sure all of the boxes have correct labels on them. This can make it easier to pick and choose what you want to bring out of the storage unit.
  • Once things are taken out of the boxes, organize them and place them in the specific rooms that they belong too.
  • Take it one room at a time. It can be too easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed if you are all over the place with unpacking. It is usually best to start with the largest room first.
  • Take your time with the decoration and seasonal items. These are usually the most delicate pieces to pack up and unpack later. You can hold off on unpacking the off-season decorations because they will not be useful at the time.
  • Remember all of it does not have to get done in one day. Try not to get overwhelmed with the unpacking process. Once you have the main essentials unpacked, take some time to start decorating and enjoying your home or office.

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