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December 20, 2018 Commercial Storage


It’s that time of year again. The holiday decorations are being hung and the holiday parties begin. However, one of the worst feelings to experience is when you open a container only to find broken lights or shattered decorations, especially if they have sentimental value attached to them. Also, as new decorations are added over the years, your designated storage areas (closets, attics, shed, etc.) can quickly run out of space, Need a quick and simple solution? Visit or call Storage 4U in San Antonio to rent a spacious, affordable commercial storage unit for your ever-growing collection of holiday decorations. We offer various unit sizes depending upon how much storage space you’ll need. Whether you store your holiday decorations at home or in commercial storage, here are a few tips to use before you begin putting everything away until next year:

Fragile decorations

Keep the boxes and protective foam the decorations come in, especially if they’re breakable. It’s a good idea to take a picture of how the decorations were organized within each storage container so you’ll have a visual guide to use when it’s time to store them again. Wreaths and ornaments are best stored in rigid, heavy-duty containers so the contents won’t be crushed by other crates placed on top of it.

Wooden decorations

When including wooden decorations to your collection of holiday cheer, it’s best to put them in air-tight containers when the time comes for storage. Humidity and extreme temperature changes can damage these items over time when exposed. When choosing a commercial storage unit, make sure to ask the storage manager for their advice as to how these items should be stored.


Lights and garland can get tangled, knotted and bunched up, making it time-consuming and frustrating to unravel every year. You can purchase light strand wheels or ladder winders that will keep the strands organized and in place while stored. Another simple and inexpensive option is to use a flat piece of cardboard with multiple groves cut into each end and wrap the light cords or garland around them so they’ll be tangle free.

Oddly-shaped decorations

As mentioned above, try to retain the original packaging for unique decorations. If you didn’t keep the box apply your DIY skills and use empty egg cartons for small ornaments. In any case, be sure to wrap each ornament in tissue paper (especially those that are breakable) for extra protection when stored in any type of container that includes many other decorations.

Artificial Trees

One of the largest (if not THE largest) holiday decorations to own is an artificial tree. If you own one (or many), the best storage for your artificial tree is the original box it came in. However, it may seem impossible to put it back in due to the spreading of branches and the way each section was organized. Pushing or shoving it in could also damage the lights if it’s a pre-lit tree. Two of the best storage ideas for your tree is a larger, rolling storage bag or just keeping your tree assembled as is without ornaments and cover it with a manufactured standing tree bag. The latter will take up more storage space, but it will be ready to go for the next holiday season.

Inflatable decorations

When you get these decorations, try to save the original box and place the blow-up decoration back inside when the time comes. If you don’t have the original box, make sure to keep the blow-up decoration in a separate bag or container to prevent tearing. Also, make sure any additional parts are stored with the original decorations so they won’t get lost or separated.

If you have decorations to store but have run out of storage space, contact Storage 4U in San Antonio at 210-904-8177 or visit us online to rent a commercial storage unit at an unbeatable price!. We are a family-owned business who cares about our customers. Plus, you’ll soon discover that we offer the most affordable commercial storage unit prices in San Antonio and you can access our storage units 24/7!

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