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June 24, 2018 Commercial Storage

Commercial Storage in San Antonio

Are you seeking the best option for commercial storage in San Antonio Tx that’s worth every single penny you pay? Do you want to keep your belongings in a storage unit that has 24/7 access and can be available when you need it?

There are a large number of companies that do offer commercial storage units, but only a few live up to the customers’ expectations. So how can one find the best commercial storage in the first place? Fret not, as we’ve some handy pointers that’ll help you compare your options so you can get the right storage for you:

  • Know What You Cannot Compromise

First things first. Even when you’ve found the most convenient storage unit in your vicinity, it may turn out to be a dud. For example, the storage units may be roomy but are unkempt and dirty. Surely, you don’t want your business to be stored in sub-par conditions! The same goes for lighting, access hours, loading and unloading points etc., you need to be very clear what you want (and don’t want) when you’re setting out to find commercial storage in San Antonio or even elsewhere for that matter!

  • Learn for How Long They’ve Been in Business

You need to make sure that the company has been around for quite some time. Well-established locations that have stuck around for a few decades are doing something right because they have had repeated renters that keep storing! This means that you can rely on them to store your commercial belongings for as long as you need.!

  • Check Their Storage Unit Sizes

Different businesses have different needs. For instance, you may want to store large sized items that can even include RVs and boats. Unless the storage firm provides a space of that magnitude, you’re going to be in a pickle!

Save yourself the agony and make it a point to learn about what are the sizes of the units offered by various properties and which one fits the bill. Visit the facility to get a better idea of the size and be entirely certain of what you want.

  • Ask Friends and Family

Probably the best way to find commercial storage near you is to ask your friends, family or acquaintances. They’ll be able to offer you genuine advice and you can have some good options to select from. But what happens when they have nothing to suggest? This takes us to the next point.

  • Seek Reviews and Recommendations

A lot of local storage firms have their businesses listed on Google. You can always refer to the reviews and ratings they have on the search engine or by asking them to provide references of their previous clients. This will give you somewhat idea of which firm will be the best for you as opposed to solely relying on photos posted online. Based on the information, you can shortlist the firms before making the final call.

  • Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

Some of the best storage companies operate online and are quick to address your queries. You can always ask them for a quote or whether not they offer month-to-month leases, what is the deposit amount that you need to shell, what are the security options, what is the paperwork that needs to be done etc. Don’t settle till all your questions have been addressed by them either via an email, on a phone call or in person.

These are some of the steps that will ease the process of finding affordable, state-of-the-art commercial storage company in San Antonio. Storage 4 U is one of the best options that offer you a wide range of choice for your business needs. Without having to wait further, give us a call to know more about what we can offer!

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