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January 30, 2018 RV Storage

Owning a recreational vehicle gives you the opportunity to explore North America comfortably without paying a lot of money for food and accommodations. Unless you plan to travel constantly, though, you will need to find RV storage in San Antonio, TX, that matches your needs.

Before you choose a storage solution for your RV, make sure you learn about some of the most important features you should consider before making a commitment. Even a small amount of research will help you find RV storage in San Antonio that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Security Features That Protect Your RV and Belongings

Even if you buy an inexpensive RV, you will probably spend at least $40,000. Some people go all out and purchase luxurious RVs that cost millions of dollars. Like most RV owners, though, you probably spent about $150,000 on a new, fully equipped vehicle.

No matter how much money you spend on your RV, you need to protect your investment by choosing a storage solution with modern security features.

Some of the most important security features for RV storage include:

  • Tall fences that prevent trespassers from entering the property.
  • Video cameras that monitor the facility for trespassers, thieves and other undesirable elements.
  • Locks that add an extra level of security to keep people out of your recreational vehicle.
  • Security guards who patrol the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Insurance that protects you from any damage your RV might experience during storage.

If you don’t find these security features at an RV storage facility, then you should look elsewhere for more reliable options. Of course, if you have other concerns about security, you should talk to the facility’s manager to get answers that apply specifically to you and your RV.

A Location You Can Access Conveniently

It’s best to choose an RV storage facility that you can access conveniently. The first thing to think about is the distance from your home to the storage facility. For instance, Storage 4U has two RV storage options in San Antonio.

Storage 4U West on Eckhert Road provides a convenient storage location for people who live in neighborhoods like:

  • Oakland Estates
  • Eckhert Crossing
  • Dreamhill Estates
  • Lafayette Place

Storage 4U North on Nacogdoches Road offers a convenient option for people living near:

  • McAllister Park
  • MacArthur Park
  • Sun Gate
  • Oak Grove
  • Uptown
  • Windcrest

Review these locations to find one you can visit easily. Even if you only plan on driving your RV once or twice this year, you may want to visit the facility to check your property and make sure you’re getting the security features promised to you.

Prices You Can Afford

Price always comes into play when you’re choosing a storage facility. Some companies will charge outrageous prices because they think potential clients will believe the high price gives them enhanced features. Other companies will charge the lowest prices possible, but skimp on important security features.

More often than not, you’ll get the best deal and the features you need by choosing RV storage in San Antonio that charges affordable, mid-range prices. The price of RV storage at Storage 4 U, for instance, starts at $64 per month.

You can always upgrade to gain access to more space. If you’re looking for a basic storage space for your RV, though, the $64 option works great.

Easy Payment Options for Your RV Storage Space

Affordable prices will make it easier for your family to own an RV in San Antonio, TX. You should also look for payment options that make it convenient for you to pay for your space.

Some storage facilities only accept checks or credit card payments. While you can send them checks through the mail, if you want to pay with a credit card, you’ll have to go to the facility to fill out a form that lets the company make monthly withdrawals from your account.

Finding a company that accepts online payments gives you a more convenient option. Look for an RV storage facility with an online portal that lets you pay your bills, change the size of your storage space and learn more about the services you can get from the company. It’s even better to find a storage company that will send you email reminders so you never forget to pay your bill online.

If you choose a storage company that accepts online payments, you should make sure it has a secure payment system that protects your personal information from hackers.

Choosing the right RV storage facility in San Antonio, TX, can help protect your recreational vehicle. It can also help you avoid any neighborhood regulations that prevent storing large vehicles on residential properties.

Your RV gives you a fun, cost-effective way to explore the country, so you should spend a little time find a storage option that will protect the vehicle.

For more information about RV storage solutions in San Antonio, visit the Storage 4 U website. You’ll find useful information about the storage facilities’ security, RV storage prices and other features you might want to add to your account.

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