Benefits of Renting a Commercial Storage Unit

July 5, 2018 Commercial Storage

Commercial Storage San Antonio

Do you feel like your life is getting too cluttered? Need more room in your office or home? That is where commercial storage units come in to help! At Storage4U a provider of Commerical Storage in San Antonio, we offer units to relieve that stress. Our spacious commercial storage units can house all your possessions in a clean environment. Our local, family-owned Storage  4U center works hard to make sure that we offer additional space for anyone that needs it. We can recommend the correct size commercial storage unit depending on what you want to store in it. Some key features of our commercial storage units are 24-hour access, online payments, drive up access, short & long-term rentals, ground-level access, and low-cost insurance. That is just a couple of benefits that come along with renting a commercial storage unit. Here is a list of more benefits that could be provided to you:

  • Help with Construction: if your business or home is undergoing construction or repairs, it is nice to get some unnecessary items out of your way.
  • Storing Seasonal Items: Seasonal possessions are only used for a few months then can become clutter. You can move them in and out of the unit at your convenience.
  • Storing Business Items: our storage units provide a place to store business items that you do not want to place in either your home or other locations. The units are open 24 hours a day so your files and documents can easily be accessed.
  • Storing Inventory: if you are a small business with small commercial space, you can store extra items that are not needed in your workspace.
  • Storing Furniture: if you have any furniture in your home that is useless for the time being, you can choose the size you need. There are different size options to choose from depending on what you are going to put inside.
  • Cutting Costs: it is cheaper to rent a commercial storage unit than for example buy a bigger lot for your business.

Commerical storage units are an excellent tool for businesses and homeowners. Because at some point you will end up with unnecessary items that turn into clutter, but you cannot throw away, store them with us! For more information, contact us, and we can help you out.

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