6 Handy RV Storage Hacks That Will Come to Your Rescue

July 20, 2018 RV Storage

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When you buy an RV, you want to maintain it in the best way possible for several years down the line. For this, you need to make sure that it is taken care of not just when you’re traveling but also when you’re not using it. Because of their huge sizes, RVs are not fit to be stored in regular garages. Also, not everyone has that kind of space available, where they can park it away until the next trip.

In such situations, the best step to take is to ensure that you opt for a personal storage area and store the recreational vehicle to save space around your house and street. Here are some handy hacks that you can use:

  1. Choose the Perfect Storage Company

First up, you need to choose the right storage company that offers well-maintained parking spaces for personal or commercial usage. Take your pick from their parking and be assured that it will stay there conveniently till it’s time for another trip!

  1. Check the Dimensions

Dimensions do matter when it comes to storing your RV. The size of an RV will vary from 10 ft. to over 45 ft. You would need to cross check with the storage company about the exact dimensions and see whether your vehicle can fit in the parking space or not.

  1. Keep Pests Away

Nobody would like their RVs to be infested with all sorts of pests after a long break. Pest menace is real, and you need to find ways to protect the vehicle from them. You can ensure this by making sure that the roof, vent and other openings are closed properly when you turn off the gas. You can also get the filters, undercarriage and other components to check for gaps or loose panels. Following this procedure will keep the rodents, roaches, mice and other pests away. Last but not the least, do clean the RV thoroughly as leftover food crumbs or drinks can attract ants that can get into the RV during winter. While you’re at it, deep clean all the nooks and corners of the vehicle by using a vacuum cleaner and dust every appliance thoroughly. If there are any upholstery, make sure to cover them up.

  1. Make Sure that the Storage Unit is Dry

Any RV can be susceptible to mold growth due to excess moisture. You can’t be there all the time to monitor the vehicle, and therefore, the best way to go about it is to ensure there are no open leaks in your vehicle. Check for any cracks and make sure that the seals and the ventilation work properly. You can also opt for translucent daytime shades as opposed to other shades as these will deter fungal growth by letting some sunlight in! Alternatively, using vent covers can also work wonders to keep the mold at bay.

  1. Check Tire Pressure and Battery

If you want your RV to be in a running condition the moment you are there to take it for a ride from the storage unit, keep the tires and battery in working condition. You can use the RV’s user manual to see the recommendations provided.

Calling it a Day

That’s it. Use these handy RV storage tips, and you can keep your recreational vehicle working in a great condition while it is being stored. If you’re seeking the best solution for RV Storage in San Antonio, look no further. At Storage 4U we offer the best storage units/parking spaces that are immensely clean and convenient. Also, you can find one near your home so that you can check your precious vehicle anytime you want! Call us today to know more!




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