6 Businesses That Can Benefit from Commercial Storage

April 16, 2018 Commercial Storage

There comes a time when your business will begin to grow, which will leave you needing more space than you have available. Renting commercial storage units offers an affordable storage solution to office space problems. There are numerous benefits that commercial storage has to offer to any business such as, keeping costs down, freeing up space and allowing for better organization within your office.

Commercial storage is an excellent solution for various industries. Here is a list of industry-specific benefits of commercial storage:

  • Restaurants & Catering – It is vital as a restaurant owner to have as much square footage as possible to your dining areas to maximize profits. Some examples of things that could be stored are large appliances, tables and chairs and special occasion décor. Similar to restaurants, catering businesses can benefit from commercial storage by needing additional space to store their supplies and equipment.


  • Retail and eCommerce – Retail businesses and online-only sales can both benefit from having extra storage space. In addition to excess inventory, un-needed display fixtures and other large items will need to be stored in an area where they will be protected from conditions that could cause damage.


  • Construction – Typically, in construction subcontractors don’t have an office but need a space to store all of their equipment. A commercial storage unit is exactly what contractors need to keep essential supplies in cost-effective space, while also being able to access it at any time quickly.


  • Landscaping – Landscapers work by using various tools and equipment that need to be stored carefully, while also being able to access them at any time. Commercial storage allows you to both remain mobile and take only what is needed for each specific job instead of having to take all your tools with you everywhere.


  • Roofing – Like construction workers and landscapers, professional roofers have many supplies that need to be organized and stored. For example, power tools, tiles, shingles, adhesive, etc. A commercial storage unit is perfect for both short and long-term storage of roofing tools and supplies.


  • Offices/Clinics – Business owners who are responsible for keeping office and personal supplies. Extra chairs, monitors, files, and other additional office supplies can all be stored in commercial storage units. Freeing up space in the office allows for better organization and a more efficient work environment.

Almost all businesses can benefit from commercial storage. At Storage 4 U we offer business with premium commercial storage in San Antonio. We have both the experience and solutions to solve any company’s storage needs. Call us today at (210) 904-8177 or visit our website to find out more information!

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