5 Things You Need 24/7 Access To

November 21, 2018 Uncategorized

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Storing belongings in a storage unit is convenient and easy! When you are choosing a storage unit, it is important to consider what you will have access too. Many belongings are precious and important, so you always want to make sure you can have 24/7 access to them. Here are 5 things you need 24/7 access to:

Personal Files:

Paperwork can build up, but it is important that they are stored safely away, and you always have access when you need it. Personal files can contain a lot of private information that may be needed in a short period of time.


You never know if a piece of furniture breaks in your house, but luckily you have an old piece stored away! Storage units are good for furniture because they can sometimes be large pieces. You will always have the space for it in a storage unit, and it is nice to have 24/7 access when you need it.


It is nice to have printed out photos for memories. You may not need them all the time, that is why most people store them away either in boxes or photo books. But, if you want to go through them or try to embarrass a family member with a funny photo, it is convenient to have 24/7 access to them.


If you have old jewelry, watches, or other accessories that you do not wear anymore it is still important to have access to them 24/7! Just in case you want to wear them again, give them away, clean them, or just to know that they are kept safe and not damaged.


These items can be very pricey, especially when they are rare items. It is important to have access to these 24/7 and you just do not have room to store them at home. You want access just in case you want to bring them home to show people or just admire the collectibles.

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