4 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Commercial Storage Unit

December 22, 2017 Commercial Storage

Most people see the idea of moving as a stressful and exhausting part in their lives. Quite often, there are others who are left with no choice but to move out of their homes and start fresh.

We often get the same responses when asking people what they hate about moving.  Some of the responses we often hear are:

  • Packing/unpacking
  • Hiring movers
  • Renting and driving U-Haul trucks
  • Breaking glass/furniture
  • Cleaning

At Storage 4U we believe our spacious storage units can house all your old records, equipment, unused office furniture, and much more. We guarantee that our storage facilities will be clean, spacious, and useful to your business.

There’s a possibility that some of our tenants have never used a self or commercial storage unit before. Most will be left with questions such as “what size would I need, would I need to sign another long-term lease?” “How can I insure my valuables?” These are all exceptional questions, and the answers may not appear to be so obvious. For this very same reason, we have come up with the following tips to help our tenants make the right decision when choosing a self-storage unit.

Location Is Key

Some Individuals may consider location more important than others.  However, if you operate a small business from your storage unit, store work tools, or need constant access to your unit, you may want to make location a priority and choose a facility that is conveniently located near your home or office.  Usually, a person would be interested in having unlimited access to their belongings as well as 24-hour access.  Ideally, choosing units that are located on the first floor is key.

People seek a storage facility for several reasons.  Whether it be for traveling, divorce, or some personal tragedy as a result from a sudden lifestyle change.  Some common concerns that may come up are:   safety, reassurance, and location.  These needs vary according to each person’s needs.


A common mistake you could avoid when renting out a commercial storage unit is knowing exactly how much space you’ll need for your belongings. One thing to consider here is the difference between shopping smart vs setting yourself up for failure.

For example, two different commercial storage unit prices could consist of one that has a fee of $85/month for an 8×10 unit while the other has a 10’x10’ unit for $90/month. Typically, most people will fall with the lower price, which is fair if there’s a reason why one wants to save their money for other expenses. However, what you need to think about is if the size of an 8’x10’ commercial storage unit will fit all your miscellaneous office supplies or other belongings? This is where your expenses need to be made without using logic or sound judgement. The rate may be higher for a larger commercial storage unit, but if you think about it, you earn what you pay. You’re more likely to benefit from a larger commercial storage unit to accommodate all your valuables.

While everyone strives to find the best deal in town, which they can find at Storage 4U, the facility itself would hate for its tenants to make a wrong decision with choosing their storage unit size and leave with regret. Finding the right size for a reasonable price will not cost you to have to deal with cramming your belongings and damaging everything else. There are specials at Storage 4U that can keep your costs low and allow you to make timely payments, instead of paying late fees or losing all your goods altogether at an auction.

The following will show the typical storage unit sizes at our north and west locations; as well as what you can expect to fit in these units. This will help you compare prices easier when you understand what size you will need.

Storage 4 U- West

Unit Size: 5’x10’ (50 Sq. Ft)

Unit Size: 10’x10’ (100 Sq. Ft)

Unit Size: 10’x20’ (200 Sq. Ft)

Storage 4 U- North

Unit Size: 5’x5’ (25 Sq. Ft)

Unit Size: 5’x10’ (50 Sq. Ft)

Unit Size: 10’x10’ (100 Sq. Ft)

Unit Size: 10’x15’ (150 Sq. Ft)

Unit Size: 10’x20’ (200 Sq. Ft)

Our Amenities

After discussing the price and unit sizes, another thing to consider is amenities.  For example, a woman may have a vast collection of ancient artifacts and jewelry in her storage unit, which not only climate control would be a must, but as well as heavy security. On the other hand, you have a gentleman who only stores old clothing and shoes he plans to donate when he has the time. Which requires for him not to focus on climate control nor security. The needs of the two people are different and here is where we can offer a guide, so you can know what to ask for.

Storage 4 U Amenities

  • 24-Hour access
  • Drive-up access
  • Ground Level access
  • Short and long-term rentals
  • Video surveillance
  • Low-cost insurance is available

Our Security

At Storage 4 U, we understand the importance of safety when storing all your precious belongings.   Our tenants know that our facility does not fit the stereotype of other storage facilities that are dark, poor maintenance, or dirty storage units. We pride ourselves in maintaining all diverse types of storage units to be left in the same manner as it last was when our tenants made their previous visit.

After all we covered, you can consider yourself a commercial storage unit pro, that’s amazing! You can put this knowledge you acquired from this article and use it by renting your own storage unit. The next step is to give us a call at 210-904-8177 to see which specials we have going on this holiday season. Our renting process is easier than peeling a banana! All that is left to do is find the most convenient location for you to rent the right storage unit size. I wouldn’t take your sweet time doing this for the reason our storage units have been flying off the roof! We’ll be expecting you soon.

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